International Food Day



International Food Festival
Wednesday, February 27th !

We will be gathering in the cafeteria and feasting on cuisine from around the world.

DON’T FORGET: students are allowed to wear special clothing specific to their cultures if they’d like, but ONLY DURING THEIR P.E. CLASS.

Cultural Dish Guidelines Reminder:

  • Choose a finger food that you would like to bring in.  Finger food means small bite size samples like the ones they pass out at Costco.
  • Drop your item off in a disposable dish with a disposable serving spoon (if needed) to the school cafeteria.  All food donations should be dropped off between 7-8am.  If you have a special circumstance (hot/frozen item) then you may bring your dish later but all donations need to be in the cafeteria by 11:00am.  If you are unable to use a disposable dish please put your name on your dish clearly.
  • Don’t forget to label your dish.
  • Your donation needs to be a minimum of 24 servings or more.  Please have your servings pre-cut in bite-sized portions.
  • Parents, if you are in need of community service hours, this is a great way to complete them.  If your child brings in a dish, you will get one hour of community service.  We also need water. Each flat of water donated = 1 hour of service. (1/2 size bottles are preferable)  You can acquire more hours if you volunteer to help during the event.

NOTE:  Be sure to get credit for participating by signing in when you drop off your dish, and, by completing the food donation form!

PTSA flyer for International Day 2019

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