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Career Day

AT EL RANCHO CHARTER SCHOOL MARCH 29TH, 2017 START THINKING ABOUT WHAT YOU LIKE… It’s never too early to start planning for your future. What makes a career exciting?  That answer is different for everyone.  That’s why El Rancho Charter School will hold its annual Career Day on Wednesday, March 29th.  El Rancho students will …

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Honorary Service Awards

Congratulations to our 2017 Honorary Service Award recipients!!! Kim Beard – Outstanding Administrator Award Reunion Kitchen +Drink – Honorary Service Award Bernards – Honorary Service Award Neda Karam – Honorary Service Award Mindy Cameron – Continuing Service Award Kelley Sparacino – Continuing Service Award Todd Pedowski “Mr. P” – Outstanding Teacher Award  Thank you all …

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International Food Day

EL RANCHO CHARTER INTERNATIONAL FOOD DAY 2017 Our annual International Food Festival is fast approaching.  On WED., FEB. 8th we will be gathering in the cafeteria and feasting on cuisine from around the world, and we need your help! The P.E. department is offering EXTRA CREDIT to all students who contribute a dish to share.  …

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Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Week will be in May this year! If you would like help with this event in any way, please contact us  

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